We've compiled a list of the most common questions. 

Will my concrete crack or chip?
All ONYX Castings are hand made with the greatest attention to detail.  We use special fibers to increase the structural integrity of our products and we guarantee our creations to be free of structural cracks.  It is unlikely that your ONYX design will chip.  However, if a chip does result, it can most likely be repaired.

Will my concrete stain?
At Onyx we use high end sealers designed specifically for decorative concrete that will protect your one of a kind piece.  All ONYX concrete is treated with a sealer appropriate to its application and should resist most household stains.  However, this does not mean stain-proof.  Concrete is a porous material, just like granite, and left untreated it can stain.  Food, acids, and oil will not stain your concrete if wiped up as soon as they occur.  

Will my concrete scratch?
While our sealer is very durable, your ONYX concrete can scratch if heavy, sharp objects are banged or dragged across the surface.  If the surface of the concrete does happen to get scratched, it usually can be repaired. 

Can I cut on my concrete surface?
Cutting on your ONYX concrete is not advisable.  It could jeopardize the sealer and allow stains to penetrate into the concrete.  Not to mention, that cutting on concrete can also ruin your knives.

Can I set a hot pot on my concrete?
As with almost all types of countertop surfaces, it is best to use trivets.  While some might see this as a problem, there is a solution: integral trivets!

How do I care for my concrete?
Caring for your ONYX concrete is easy!  We recommend wiping up any spills as they occur.  If needed, use a neutral cleaner and a soft cloth.  Do not use scouring pads or other abrasive cleaners as they could damage the finish.  

How thick is ONYX concrete?
Standard ONYX edge thickness is 1.5 -2".  Depending on the project, we can create thinner or thicker designs.

What kind of sinks can I use?
With ONYX, you can use which ever type of sink you prefer: integral, vessel, drop-in, undermount, or apron front.

How long does it take?
It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the project and current production volumes.  Although countertops are one of the last items to be installed, concrete countertops should be selected as early as possible.  If need be, we can accommodate our clients with a temporary solution.  

How much does concrete cost?
The price of ONYX concrete is comparable to other high end counter surfaces but can vary depending on the design options you choose.  We prefer to price your one of a kind needs per project, rather than purely square footage, as not all square feet are created equally.

Our Process

Bring Your Idea

The first step in creating your dream is to select your colour, finish, and any custom add-ons.  We can help you design your project or you can use your own design professional.   We will provide you with an estimate based on colour, size, and complexity of your design.  At this point, your project is ready to move into our production queue and a 30% deposit of our estimate is required.  (Note: A final estimate is given after a site visit and all option details are confirmed and templates are made.)

Our team will visit your site to take measurements, prepare the drawing build and the physical template.  This information is taken back to our shop where we create a mold of your one of a kind design.  We then mix and cast the concrete according to top industry standards.

Once the concrete has cured for several days, it is removed from the mold.   Depending on the look you have designed, your piece is then sanded, grouted (small pin holes and voids are filled with a colour-matching grout), honed or stained.  Our durable sealer is applied last.

And finally, your ONYX creation is transported to site.  This is usually two to three weeks later, depending on our production queue.  Typically, the installation takes one day but depends on the size of the project.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of aggregate, (sand, rock, glass, etc.) water, and cement. The cement reacts with the water and fills the voids between the aggregate and binds it together.  For tensile strength concrete is reinforced with steel or fibers.  

GFRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is a concrete mix with the addition of glass fibers.  The benefits are a structurally strong product that can be used to create three dimensional pieces.   A face coat of concrete without fibers is sprayed or packed in a mold then GFRC is added as a backer to provide the structural strength required. 

With GFRC, ONYX can conceptualize a unique solution to any design dilemma.

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